Fast Implementation Track™ for SAP ERP.

Deploy on time and within budget.

Confident it will be fit for purpose.

Isard Haasakker, founder and director of No Tie Generation believes that there is no tool for development more effective than self-empowerment.

The brands Isard has created, his company image and his mission place this ethos at their heart.

In authoring “Make F.I.T. Your Purpose” and creating the Fast Implementation Track™, Isard provides an innovative and accessible platform where both employers and employees can harness valuable resources which will empower them to do what they always dreamed of.

His passion is to help his clients to achieve what they never thought possible. This is trailblazing his thought-leadership path in the industry and makes him the go-to expert for SAP ERP implementation and support.

After 20 years being a SAP consultant, Isard now focuses on transforming his skills to coach entrepreneurs and business leaders to successfully implement and support their SAP ERP systems. His understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset uniquely qualifies him to bridge gaps in communication across different departments. He will focus on the areas most important to your business’ success, and deliver an end result which provides you with self-sufficiency, a bird’s-eye perspective and significantly increased free time and money.

This book is just the beginning.

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