Like unnecessarily fitting an old engine into a brand new sports car.

Even if you spend an enormous effort to implement SAP ERP, you could still be off the mark. Such so, that you run the risk that the end user community will be confronted with a solution that is not fit for purpose. True, these conflicts do occur in most implementation projects, but last minute changes could cause a problem.

When your project has not been catering for any type of flexibility in changing requirements, you might discover that it would take too much effort to realign the offered functionality against the required functionality.

What you need is the Agile Blueprint Visualiser™.

That allows you to quickly assess to what extend your business is able to fit the mould of a standard SAP ERP system. You want a methodology that allows a fast and reliable investigation. Also, you wish to see a working prototype, as seeing is believing.

On top that, you want independent advice without any strings attached.

Upholding the status quo is not an option anymore.
Change has to take place.

We can facilitate in supporting you in every component for change:
Vision + Skills + Incentives + Resources + Plan

Agile software development is the most suitable approach to get result within a short period of time.

Your first focus is to simplify your business processes linked to the payment receipt of the customer invoice. Gaining commitment from your workforce, suppliers and clients will be easier when you provide clarity how to simplify your business. This is best achieved by proving that you can transform your business to adhere to standard SAP ERP. This proof needs a prototype system. It offers the capability to train your key business experts and make them advocates for change.

Your road for change requires an agile approach.

With this method you apply short iterative cycles in which the new IT system will be developed and deployed, also referred to as a scrum. This team of people work as a unit with a common goal. Main objective is to challenge the status quo that prevents your company to make the breakthrough to exploit your Unique Selling Point and grow your business.

You want to simplify to multiply. However, you want to assess to what extend your business is ready to start this journey.

The Agile Blueprint Visualiser™, based on the methodology of the Fast Implementation Track™, will be your first step.

This agile business blueprinting, demonstrates the minimum IT system requirements to register incoming cash flow.The payment receipt of your customer invoice is like oxygen for your body: you need this to survive.

Fast Implementation Track™ for SAP ERP.

Deploy on time and within budget.

Confident it will be fit for purpose.

ACME decided to upgrade their outdated ERP system. However, they made the mistake not to share the progress with the end user community. Instead the project team was hiding in their ivory tower. Sporadically communication was sent out to avoid rumours to spread throughout the organisation.

But damage control is difficult to sustain. Individual project team members were sharing details about the system design and the overall project progress. It did cause some confusion, as the official communication seemed to deviate from the information shared off the record.

As the time came to finally present the system for user acceptance, defects were logged almost instantly. As it appeared, the business requirements were either not translated correctly into the design, or changed over time. Unfortunately, the overall deployment was in danger. Quick assessment of the situation made clear that too many issues were identified. And few of them were very difficult to resolve without a complete redesign. So what should they do? Continue or start from scratch?