Fast Implementation Track™ for SAP ERP.

Deploy on time and within budget.

Confident it will be fit for purpose.

What describes your current ERP solution for at best?

“We have made countless additions to the standard to such an extend that we actually do not know how it all fits together. 

It is like a ticking time bomb, and we do not now which colour wire to cut.

What we do now, is that any minor change is costing us a fortune in testing. We can't run our multi million business like this anymore."

"Our system is very outdated and not supported anymore, forcing us to sign to a very expensive extended maintenance agreement to ensure that our business keeps on running.

As if we are sending an email using a pigeon.

It did not surprise us that we recently concluded it would be cheaper to invest in a greenfield implementation based on the latest version." 

"We spent an enormous effort preparing a new system, copying our existing way of working as the basis for the new design. That triggered many enhancements to the standard system.

Like unnecessarily fitting an old engine into a brand new sports car.

Maybe it is still more cost effective to change our strategy and redesign our processes and procedures to fit the standard functionality."

What action can be taken?

First of all, following the Fast Implementation Track™ (FIT). It will be an ideal start to define the ground rules and make your ERP project a success. Details are explained in more detail in the book Make F.I.T. Your Purpose by Isard Haasakker.

Apart from embracing the advice in the book, you also have the desire to see it in action. Fortunately the Agile Blueprint Visualiser™ is a F.I.T.deliverable allowingagile business blueprinting. It demonstrates how your vital business processes can be converted into a working standard SAP ERP prototype. Ideal to review your business requirements and translate them into change management activities.