What if you find yourself being part of the most challenging project you can ever imagine.

Yet, against all the odds, it is a success?

It changes you and your future forever.

This is exactly what happened to me.

You wonder why these experiences are so rare.
Are there simple rules based on common sense that you can apply immediately?

And if these rules exist, why are they not common knowledge?
Join me on a journey of discovery to answer these vital questions.

Introducing the Fast Implementation Track™ for SAP ERP.

Simple to implement within your organisation.
Saves you time and money.
Allows you to finish on time and within budget.
Deploy an IT system that is fit for purpose.

Hopefully this book inspires you to take my advice and achieve what many think is impossible,
Isard Haasakker

The past two decades Isard Haasakkerhad countless SAP ERP assignments.

He has been there, and done that.

​Now he offers his insights to make your SAP ERP implementation a success story, using his experience as a guide.

Fast Implementation Track™ for SAP ERP.

Deploy on time and within budget.

Confident it will be fit for purpose.


SAP projects are expensive and complex and risky. Failure is not an option.

The Fast Implementation Track™ (FIT) allow you to focus, communicate, simplify, commit, educate and quickly design and deploy your SAP ERP system.